Robert Chemonges from Uganda, with a time of 2:11:45 wins the 17th Green Europe Marathon In the women’s event the first to cross the finish line is Maurizia Cunico (Runners Team Zanè) with a time of 2:55:45. In the marathon, second came Samuel Kimutai from Kenya with a time of 2:13:44, third from Uganda Simon Rugut in 2:20:12; among the women, Daniela Da Forno (Asd Bavisela) finished second in 3:05:53, third Italia Della Torre (Athletic Club Apicilia) with a time of 3:15:09. The winner of the 21st Green Europe Marathon is Kenya’s Alfred Ronoh Kimeli in 1:03:27, second Stefano Scaini (Parco Alpi Apuane) 1:09:00, third Fabio Bernardi (Body Evidence Elgevero) in 1:10:20. As to the women, Rosaria Console (Fiamme Gialle) clinched first place with 1:12:13, second Simona Saicu (ROU), in 1:17:52, third Giulia Merola (Vicenza Marathon) in 1:23:49.
Over 10thousand people have been running today in Trieste for the Bavisela 2016, featuring the Green Europe Marathon from Lipica (Slovenia), the Green Europe Marathon from Duino and the Bavisela Generali Family from Miramare.

21a Green Europe Halfmarathon (women)

21a Green Europe Halfmarathon (men)

17a Green Europe Marathon (women)

17a Green Europe Marathon (men)

17.Green Europe Marathon: photo video 

21.Green Europe Halfmarathon: photo video

Route Green Europe Marathon and Halfmarathon 

altimetria maratona e altimetria mezzamaratona